Our Story


Todd and Carissa Davis, with several other families & individuals joining them later on, were sent out in 2009 by Heritage Bible Church in Greer, SC, to plant Redeemer Bible Church in Brighton, Colorado. God also raised up additional helpers from Brighton and the surrounding Denver metro area to assist with the work in planting and growing Redeemer, and His kind providence to provide people to build His Church was evident throughout the process. If you talk to the people who transplanted themselves to Brighton in order to become a part of this church about the process that they went through, you will hear several stories of God’s direct providential working in their lives to bring them here. Sometimes this included hardship and times of intense testing, but God was always faithful to provide and care for His children.

We started meeting publicly at a hotel in Brighton in January of 2010. In August of the same year, we began meeting in the gymnasium of a local school.  In early 2013 God provided the finances and we purchased the building we meet in now.

Supporting Churches

Heritage Bible Church in Greer, SC is our sending church, and as such they gave guidance & support for us through its leadership as we sought to establish Redeemer in our early years. We are thankful for the accountability that the leadership of Heritage provided in our decisions and actions.

Two other churches provided financial & prayer support throughout the church planting process: Grace Bible Church in Moore, SC and Tri-County Baptist Church in West Chester, OH.

We are grateful for the support we have received from each of these churches, and we gladly welcome continued accountability & encouragement from them.

2017 Leadership Transition

At the end of the spring of 2017, Todd & Carissa announced that God had been leading them over a period of nearly 2 years to begin pursuing foreign ministry in France. Ryan (one of the elders) & Danielle Fisher also announced that they would be joining the Davises, seeking to assist them in their ministry. Later in the summer the leaders and members of Redeemer agreed to send out these missionaries and become their sending church. The elders also put Matt LaCava forward as a candidate to replace Todd as the lead pastor, and after the candidating process was complete, the leadership and membership together affirmed Matt as the new lead pastor.