When We Gather


9:30am – Corporate Prayer Meeting

There’s nothing more important that we as a church body can do besides gathering together to pray. We pray for God’s kingdom work around the world to succeed, we pray for the needs in our body, and we pray that those we care about who don’t yet know Jesus would come to know Him and experience His grace & peace. There are children’s classes available during this time as well, where your children will learn about and pray for God’s Kingdom work and the growth of His people. For more information about our children’s ministries, click here.

10:30am – Worship & Teaching Service

We value the time before, between, and after our Sunday morning gatherings as opportunities to get to know each other better, find out what is going on in each other’s lives, and encourage each other in the Lord. We always have bagels, pastries or muffins and drinks available during these times to encourage an atmosphere of sharing and fellowship. So, come early and stay late and take advantage of the time before, between, and after our meetings to fellowship with other believers.

You’ll find three main things that take place in our worship services:

  • We sing songs as an offering of praise, as an expression of gratitude for His work of redemption and as an act of mutual teaching & admonition.
  • We pray to Him in total dependence on Him.
  • We read and hear preaching from the Bible to learn more of who He is and what He has done.

Our worship & teaching service involves a combination of Scripture reading, prayer, congregational singing, and the expositional preaching & teaching of the Scriptures. Our goal is to glorify God together by setting our minds & hearts on Him, worshiping Him for his greatness & goodness, expressing our dependence on Him, and growing to be more like Jesus by hearing from His Word. God’s Word guides us in every part of our Worship & Teaching Service. Along with hearing the reading & preaching of the Bible, we seek to echo the teaching of God’s Word back to Him & each other in our prayers, songs, and personal testimonies. Our service is intentionally planned to be Christ-centered because He is the One who brings us to God through the gospel and He is the one who makes our service of worship pleasing to God. We love to talk about the gospel and give praise to God in light of the gospel, so the truths of the gospel will always be in our worship & teaching service. For more information about our philosophy of worship, click here.

On the first Sunday of each month, we remember & celebrate the life, death, & resurrection of Jesus by observing Communion, or the Lord’s Supper, together. Communion serves as a remembrance of what Jesus accomplished for us in the gospel, and it moves us to worship Him and live holy lives for His glory.

Kids’ Bible classes

As the sermon time begins during the worship & teaching service, the children in grades 3 & below may be dismissed for a children’s Bible lesson with some of our background checked, skilled, & trained children’s teachers. If you’d rather keep your children with you during the sermon time, you’re more than welcome to do so. We do encourage families with children of this age to take advantage of this opportunity, though. Parents are more able to listen to the preaching of the Word without distraction, which helps them become better parents, and children get to learn and experience God’s Word taught and geared to their age level.

For more information regarding our philosophy behind our Sunday gatherings, check out what we believe.

Fellowship Groups

We love gathering together as a whole church body, but we also recognize the value & need of a smaller setting to develop personal, intimate relationships, to encourage & allow for personal discipleship, and to team together to reach out to our communities with the gospel.

We meet in our Fellowship Groups for this purpose. Each group consists of roughly 8-10 adults and meets twice a month at the house of one of the members of the group (each group will provide child care as needed). Fellowship Groups allow everyone to get to know each other better and care for one another, and they provide a context for further study of the Bible & theology in a smaller, more intimate setting. Currently, we are studying The Gospel Project® in our Fellowship Groups (to learn more about The Gospel Project®, click here). Often our groups spend the bulk of their time discussing the Scriptures and praying together, but we also seek to be on mission together, reaching out to our neighborhoods and communities. We urge everyone in our church to be active in their Fellowship Group because we believe they are an important part of how we care for one another, build each other up in Christ, and instruct one another in God’s Word.

For more information regarding the philosophy behind our Fellowship groups, check out What We Believe.