What To Expect

Sunday Gatherings

Our Sunday gatherings are planned with the desire to focus on worshiping God in each element of the service. God calls us into His presence and invites us to come as we are. As we come to Him, we remember the reality of our sin against Him, but rest assured because He offers grace & forgiveness as we repent of our sin and place faith in the person and work of Jesus Christ.

The atmosphere of our service is casual yet reverent, and we enjoy chatting & enjoying refreshments before and after the service. Our people are friendly, and will love meeting & getting to know you. Whether you’re already a follower of Jesus, curious about church, or skeptical about Christianity, you are welcome!

If you’re wondering how you should dress for one of our Sunday services, don’t worry: some of us like to dress up fancier on Sunday mornings, and some of us would rather not. God is most interested in our hearts, so come eager to see, hear about and learn about Jesus, regardless of your attire!

A Family of Faith

Scripture refers to Christ’s Church of Christ in terms of a household (Gal. 5.10), a body (1Co. 12), and sometimes uses family terminology to describe the relationships between church members. At Redeemer, we seek to live out the New Testament “one another” commands toward each other, to “do life” together, and love being together.

A Culture of Discipleship

Redeemer Bible Church exists in large part to “go & make disciples” (Mat. 28.19a). We who have covenanted as members at RBC have committed together “to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to others”, and to “edify one another, instruct one another, exhort one another” (see RBC’s membership covenant). Both of these commitments pertain to the two aspects of discipleship: the evangelism of unbelievers and the edification of believers. Discipleship should be, and is, “what we’re about”.

The pursuit of cultivating a culture of deliberate discipleship at RBC flows from a desire on the part of the elders to approach discipleship in our church with the level of deliberateness and intentionality with which we pursue other areas of ministry, such as worship, preaching, and fellowship.